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i havent updated in a while so here take this by Angelcakes21 i havent updated in a while so here take this :iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 1 4
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I'm Tired. :iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 2 8
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Fall :iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 1 22
Abstract Nonsense by Angelcakes21 Abstract Nonsense :iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 4 6 H8y neigh8or,  c8re to lend a h8nd? (no ink/color) by Angelcakes21 H8y neigh8or, c8re to lend a h8nd? (no ink/color) :iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 2 4 (Table Flip) by Angelcakes21 (Table Flip) :iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 1 0 Here, have a Chibi me!!(dA ID) by Angelcakes21 Here, have a Chibi me!!(dA ID) :iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 4 18
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I killed it. :iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 1 4
Dear Brendan,
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
my heart skips a beat
when I see you.
(By the way,
jumping on someone is not a good way to say 'hello'.)
:iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 1 12
Prospit-Forgetting something? (Uncolored/Uninked) by Angelcakes21 Prospit-Forgetting something? (Uncolored/Uninked) :iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 2 8 GerIta-Summertime-GIFT FOR MUFFYCHAN by Angelcakes21 GerIta-Summertime-GIFT FOR MUFFYCHAN :iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 8 74
2ollux i2 2leeping!
Sollux: *2leeping*
Feferi: Aww, look! ) (e's sleeping like a little ANG---EL!
Eridan: …no wwonder I wwanted to stab him…
:iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 1 32
Autumn means many things.
To some, it means the leaves will fall off the trees.
To some, it means that it is getting cold outside.
To some, it means that Halloween is near, along with candy and a good scare.
To some, it means a new wardrobe.
To some, it means more of their life has rolled by.
But to me, Autumn has a completely different meaning.
To me, it means a bright, beautiful young girl.
To me, it means having someone that understands.
To me, it means that a girl is hurt, and needs help to heal.
To me, it means a cute, amazing laugh and a shining smile.
To me, it means a friend that will always be there.
Now, and forever.
You say what you want. Autumn is beautiful, and I wouldn't trade Autumn for the world.
:iconangelcakes21:Angelcakes21 2 40
HI! I hope you like it all!
-----♥♥----Put This
---♥♥---♥♥---On Your
---♥♥---♥♥---Page If
---♥♥---♥♥---Thank you


Blurry Eye tutorial by Miriki-Chi Blurry Eye tutorial :iconmiriki-chi:Miriki-Chi 6,432 156 Miku Hatsune by MegoMyLego Miku Hatsune :iconmegomylego:MegoMyLego 1,626 81 Some chick by FallGirl1229 Some chick :iconfallgirl1229:FallGirl1229 3 6 for ashley by dirkbot for ashley :icondirkbot:dirkbot 3 0 ohh john ohh by Living-Well ohh john ohh :iconliving-well:Living-Well 4 0 Hey by DaffAngel Hey :icondaffangel:DaffAngel 6 7 HAND HOLDING - SO SCANDALOuS by iLullaby HAND HOLDING - SO SCANDALOuS :iconilullaby:iLullaby 5 0 Hallelujah by artisticalMaus Hallelujah :iconartisticalmaus:artisticalMaus 11 4 Boyfriends meeting at the airport by lunabellz Boyfriends meeting at the airport :iconlunabellz:lunabellz 5 0
You  left without leaving your number, saying that you needed to clear your mind. He probably figured you’d gone back to Houston, because you were from there anyways.
It was a year before you called him. There was three rings, then an answering machine is what you got.
“If you're calling about car, I sold it. If its wednesday night,I’m baking with dad. If you're trying to sell something, I dont have the money right now, sorry! If its any of my friends, you guys know what to do!”
You sigh, glad to hear his voice again after so long, even if its just a recording.
“And P.S, if this is Dave..... I still love you.”
The phone dropped out of your hand, smashing against the counter. You couldnt beleive it. You knew John was loyal, but what kind of love could he have to hang on for so long?
You wait three days till you try again. You dont know what you would say, but it didnt matter. After three rings you heard his voice again.
“If its Friday night
:iconrhymereason:RhymeReason 4 0
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pictures that I did not draw




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hiya! My name's Angel. A bit of a warning: I'm not really active on here anymore. Sorry. >.>

Current Residence: America
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Techno, Alternative, anything but country.
Favourite photographer: Simply-Smiley!
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga/Mangaka/ Homestuck
Favourite cartoon character: omg don't make me choose
  • Listening to: Castle of Glass
  • Drinking: this weird cherry limeade tea thing
It's not too far-off to say that I've been literally dead in terms of going on dA. I guess I just don't like the community as a whole anymore. The concept is great, but it kinda went badshit and all I was really seeing was anger. It was really dumb. I guess this is just one of those things that are better in theory than in practice.

I've grown a lot since I was last on here, and I'm nothing short of ashamed of my past self. To think I acted the way I did towards people as a whole is...kind of disgusting, actually. And I'm sure I'll feel the same way in a couple of years about how I am now. People never stop growing unless they force themselves to, I guess.

Well, one thing's for sure: If I do bother going here on a regular basis, don't expect any art from me haha. I don't have a scanner or a tablet, and taking shitty pictures of my art with a computer camera just isn't my thing. So, whatever is to come, I'm just gonna dive right the fuck into it. Just fall face-first into the giant pile of horseshit that is my future. I'm not ready, but time ain't slowing down so I might as well embrace it.

We're doing this, bro. We're making it happen.


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